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AluChem was founded in 1978 in Cincinnati, Ohio by Ron Zapletal, Ron Bell and Edward Butera, who still own the company today.  The original facility continues to operate in a manufacturing capacity and serves as the corporate headquarters for AluChem, Inc., which operates facilities in Jackson, Ohio and Little Rock, Arkansas.

AluChem started as a specialty Hydrated Alumina (ATH) producer on the supply fundamentals of quality and service, and carried that focus forward as it navigated a strategic plan of investment in infrastructure, expansion and growth.  AluChem moved away from  Hydrated Alumina several years ago and transitioned into a full complement of specialty aluminas, including Calcined and Tabular Alumina, and Reactive and Polishing grades.  Our primary product focus is in the investment casting, refractories, advanced ceramics and polishing industries.

The AluChem team is dedicated to our ownership’s unyielding commitment to producing the highest quality, most tightly controlled products in our industry. This commitment is the driving force behind everything we do.  It is why we have moved toward a new line of low and ultra-low soda aluminas focused towards investment casting and ceramics applications.  This new high purity product portfolio utilizes proprietary technology in the soda reduction process to produce some of the highest purity aluminas available today.

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