chromatographic alumina

Chromatographic alumina is offered by AluChem’s sister company, Porocel. For specifications and ordering information please go to the following link: Porocel’s Chromatographic aluminas have an optimized pore size, particle size distribution and surface area which make them particularly useful for separating small molecules and a variety of other molecules.  Chromatographic alumina is generally used in liquid chromatography, thin layer chromatography, decolorizations and batch extractions. Recommended products are:

•Chromatocel®  N-060  (20 – 100 microns)
•Chromatocel®  A, B, or N-150 (Standard Activity Grade I, 50 – 200 microns)
•Chromatocel®  A, B, or N-230 (Standard Activity Grade II, 50 – 200 microns)

A= Acidic, B= Basic and N=Neutral

For more information, contact Porocel at:  or call 832-688-9696 extension 221.